Why Metal Signs And Plaques Make Sense

metal signs and plaques

Here at Photocast we work with metal. Our metal signs and plaques have a wide range of benefits, when compared with those cast from other materials. Here we’ll take a little time to list and discuss some of them.


Hard wearing

Metal signs and plaques are incredible durable and hard wearing. Whether you choose bronze or aluminium your plaque will be built to last for literally hundreds of years, without showing any serious signs of wear.

Bronze plaques in particular are so hard wearing that they can be placed on the floor, walked over, rained on, and cycled over for years without losing any of their structural details or charm.



Metal signs and plaques are the preferred material for commemoration and memorial. A fitting tribute to anyone, a bronze or aluminium plaque provides an eye-catching, long lasting marker.

Metal is the material of choice for blue plaques, which mark buildings of historical significance, and for good reason. The gravitas and classic style of these signs make them stand out to passers by, yet in a subtle, sophisticated way.



If you want a three dimensional element to your sign then metal is the way to go. All of our metal signs and plaques are pleasantly tactile, inviting touch and showing no signs of wear as a result. This feature can, of course, be used to great effect to create braille signs for the vision impaired, or topographic maps, as well as to simply create lettering, patterns and pictures.



The plaques we create are usually for outdoor use. Metal signs and plaques can stand up to any temperature and weather condition without losing their looks. They can also be fixed to a range of materials, including wood, brick, stone and marble, in a way that renders them immovable, even in the most extreme conditions.

A metal sign will stand up to the harshest British winter year after year.



If you assumed that metal signs were hugely expensive, think again. Naturally the larger and more intricate the design and higher the price but commissioning a metal sign doesn’t have to break the bank, by any means.

Aluminium is a highly affordable metal, while still being incredibly durable and attractive.


Why choose Photocast for metal signs and plaques?

In business since 1988 Photocast has quite the reputation for creating metal signs and plaques. From humble beginnings we have grown, over the past three decades and now occupy a 6,000 square foot workspace in Liverpool. From there we have been commissioned to create signs and plaques for many nationally recognised organisations, including government, cultural organisations, heritage bodies, businesses and charities.

We use traditional methods to create quality products for the modern world. A sign or plaque from Photocast will outlive all of us and we never use ocean polluting plastic in our designs, meaning that our products are more eco friendly as well!


Now that you know the benefits, if you want a metal sign or plaque then get in touch with us today by calling 0151 486 2821!

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