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While designing an outdoor notice board to display a map or other area information, you might find how important it is to guarantee that you will be receiving the exact product that you’ve been thinking about. It’s important to find a company to create your notice board that you know will be able to bring your ideas to life, which is why here at Photocast we guarantee that we’ll be able to create the outdoor notice board you’ve been dreaming about.

We create outdoor notice boards for a wide variety of clients!outdoor sign board

We supply a wide variety of  mounts and outdoor notice boards that are the perfect feature for displaying maps or information. The panels that we use in our notice boards are made with 3mm aluminium sheets, and then are later fixed to posts and aluminium bollards of your choice.

Once you have chosen your design then the cast aluminium header and footer panels can have raised text, council/city coat of arms, or corporate logos added to the notice board. You can also choose whether your notice board will be single or double sided, and all of our products are then finished in a colour of the clients choice – meaning that the entire process depends entirely on the design that you have chosen for your notice board.

You can use notice boards like the ones that we create for a wide variety of display options, such as educational and informational purposes, to show details on surroundings, as a map, or for any other purpose. You’ll be able to easily incorporate your notice board into your surroundings as they are fully customisable, so will depend entirely on your personal taste.

Design your customisable outdoor notice board today!

If you’ve decided on the design for your outdoor notice board and have come to the conclusion that working with us here at Photocast is the best solution for ensuring that you’re receiving the best quality product at the end of the process. Our creative process is undertaken by professionals who have worked in this field for years, and therefore have plenty of experience in creating amazing notice boards and signs for anyone requiring their services. If you’re interested in getting in touch with a member of our team and enquiring about an outdoor notice board you would like to create, then you can reach us on our website or by calling us on 0151 486 2821.


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