Top Uses For Our Metal Notice Boards

metal outdoor display boards

The outdoor display boards produced and supplied by Photocast are staples on the streets of many towns, cities, and parks across the UK. Built to last from 3mm fabricated aluminium sheet, our outdoor display boards most usually take the form of a hollow noticeboard fixed to aluminium bollards. For more static signage we also offer mounts that can be affixed to a wall or stone plinth.

The hard wearing, weather resistant nature of these outdoor display boards makes them an ideal choice for a range of uses and locations. Here we will look into just a few of them.

Ways to use outdoor display boards by Photocast

Park noticeboards

Parks are hives of activity and hubs for the local community. Especially this time of year, as the warmer weather is beginning to become more of a fixture, they attract a cross section of the population, making them a great place for a community noticeboard.

If you have regular weekly activities taking place in your park, or upcoming summer events, our glass fronted outdoor notice boards are a great way to advertise them to the people who already frequent the space. The contents can be easily changed, so you get a hard wearing, robust sign that can safely display paper documents and be regularly updated. Available as large, multi sided displays, these boards can fit a large amount of information. Many people choose to display maps and directions, notices, advertisements and more.

City centre maps

Our outdoor notice boards are a great way to keep the public informed of anything you feel they need to know and their design is instantly recognisable as an info point. Placed on a busy city street or outside a train station, these noticeboards can carry maps and directions, to make visitors feel instantly at home.

Header and footer panels are easily added. Often these carry raised text or logos. We are able to add location details, council crests, logos, and other information.

School noticeboards

We realise that most school communication takes place online these days but a noticeboard is a great way to back up the messages in an analogue way, as well as to share them with the wider public not on your distribution list. It can be a great idea to place an aluminium board with the school logo outside the gates, in the area where children are collected.

General notices, open days, Ofsted results, parents evenings and more can be easily added to our outdoor notice boards and changed regularly as required.

Location information

If the information you want to display on your board is more static, you could opt for a more permanent board. Raised aluminium boards can be affixed to rocks, walls and other existing features with location information, maps, commemorative details and more. Alternatively graphic boards can be placed on top of metal bollards. For when your information doesn’t need to change, this is a professionally designed alternative to a traditional noticeboard.

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