Honour Your Family With Bronze Plaques by Photocast

Special Bronze Plaques

Finding the perfect gift to honour a loved one can be difficult, which is why special bronze plaques are the perfect way to do this. Not only are they unique and long-lasting, you’ll be able to pass them down through your family for generations. This can be perfect for a special occasion or to commemorate a loved one who has passed away. Here’s how you can honour your family with bronze plaques.


Memorial bronze plaques

To mark the burial of your loved one you need something that pays tribute to the person, has a beautiful appearance and can withstand all weathers. Bronze is a strong and opulent material that can be moulded into any shape and size. We can also add the finest of details to the plaque with portraits of your loved one. The bronze plaques are polished and displayed beautifully. You also don’t have to worry about degradation as bronze ages perfectly and can withstand the harshest of weathers. Bronze plaques are the perfect tribute to an important member of the family who has passed.


Family crests

If you have a symbolic family crest that you would like displayed in your home or land, or you would like something to pass down through the generations that features your family crest, choose bronze as your material for a beautifully crafted plaque. Here at Photocast we use techniques to get the closest match to your family crest such as deep etching to achieve the finer details and patterns of your family crest. The durability of our bronze plaques will ensure that the crest stays in the family for many years to come.


Birthday/ special occasion gift

Special bronze plaques are the perfect keepsake, especially for those who are closest to you such as family members. What perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday or other special occasion than by gifting them with a unique and personalised bronze plaque? There is so much we can do with bronze plaques, maybe your family member is a football fanatic who would appreciate their club’s logo printed on a quality plaque, or maybe they have a favourite quote or image that would be meaningful to them. We can easily personalise your bronze plaque in a range of colours and design features.


Let Photocast help you honour your family with crafted special bronze plaques

The versatility and durability of bronze is the reason why it’s our number one choice of material for creating beautiful and long lasting plaques. If you’re struggling for ideas take a look through our website for inspiration or get in touch with our team to discuss any ideas that you may have by calling us on 0151 486 2821.

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