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Plaques and signs are often used to commemorate, inform, and even provide brand advertisement for commercial buildings such as hotels and restaurants. They are usually displayed in prestigious venues and so the quality and look of a plaque should reflect the environment in which it is displayed. Photocast design and manufacture a range of premium plaques that are made from high quality materials. However, not all of our premium plaques have a premium price tag as we have a few methods of creating the quality, expensive look of these plaques without the cost or weight.


Castcoat is the revolutionary method that we use to achieve the look of a solid metal plaque on a budget. Although, these plaques do not compromise on quality and they may be cheap in price, their appearance and feel is opulent.

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Castcoat is all about the aesthetics of the plaque. To achieve the look of solid cast bronze we use cold spray technology to apply a layer of real metal over deep etched zinc and magnesium plates. This method should not be mistaken for paint as it is real composite metal to achieve the same appearance as solid cast bronze. Castcoat aims to take the main quality of cast bronze which is its luxurious and classic appearance, minus the weight to create a premium plaque on a budget.

This metalizing system is changing the way we perceive metal and bronze in particular. Bronze is not just for prestigious venues and is a versatile metal that can be used for all sorts of projects and various budgets. Bronze plaques no longer have to be made of solid bronze as you can get the same qualities and values through finishing the metal plate with a cold spray of real metal.

Solid Cast Bronze

If, however, you prefer to have the qualities of pure cast bronze for your plaque and you’re less concerned with cost as you are authenticity, then we also specialise in creating solid cast bronze plaques for a range of projects. Solid bronze is a durable material that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors as it can retain its beautiful image despite harsh weather conditions as its protective and hard wearing qualities allow it to age gracefully.

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We also combine our bronze plaques with aluminium for added strength and durability so your cast bronze plaque will stand the test of time!

For a quality metal such as bronze you would expect a high price tag, however, this metal is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other metals. So for a solid metal plaque we suggest you go for bronze as your choice of metal.

Personalised Premium Plaques By Photocast

No matter your budget or metal preference you will receive the same quality service and quality of finish here at Photocast. We can personalise any plaque, whether it’s cast coat or solid cast bronze, to make your project bespoke and unique. We can also create intricate detailing to emboss a name, message, or image and can design your premium plaque in a range of shapes and colours.

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Our range of plaques and materials are versatile so we’re sure we can create something that fits perfectly into your project aims. Simply give us a call today on 0151 486 2821 to begin the process of creating your own beautiful premium plaque.

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