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From humble beginnings, Photocast has grown and grown, becoming more unique and creative with our products. Our metal casting work began with producing etched and painted plaques and we have now expanded our list of products into interpretation panels, braille and tactile signage, mounts and noticeboards and cast bronze plaques.

Having a rich history and heritage makes us a reliable and reputable company. Expert, quality craft goes into the making of all of our products and has been appreciated by many of our high profile clients. Here are just some of our top projects over recent years that showcase exactly what we have to offer and how much hard work that goes into each and every project.

2012 Olympics

bronze plaques olympics

The 2012 Olympics was a huge event for Britain and we were a part of the design and creation of the iconic Olympic Park. We were commissioned to create a range of bronze plaques (technically roundels!) which told the story of the making of the Olympic park. Our roundels led visitors through all of the beautiful features of the Olympic Park.

Queen’s Jubilee 2012

aluminium plaques queens jubilee

2012 was a great year for Photocast, not only were we commissioned for the Olympics, we were also part of the Queen’s Jubilee. We created aluminium plaques to permanently protect 2012 outdoor recreational spaces in the UK, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. Each roundel was made from cast aluminium and featured the Royal Coat of Arms.

02 Arena Walkway

metal casting o2 arena

We reached new heights when it came to the 02 Arena project. A skywalk was created over the top of the arena and at the very top of the skywalk, Photocast created a steel platform which featured a 32m etched panoramic view of London. This was a proud moment for Photocast as it was a completely different project to usual. We were proud to complete an amazing piece of work that rivals other important monuments in London, and we had the added benefit of overcoming our fear of heights! This job showed that there is no project too big for the experts at Photocast.

More Metal Casting Projects to Come Over the Next 30 Years!

In the time that we’ve been crafting bronze plaques, aluminium plaques, and other diverse cast metal products, we’ve established a loyal base of clients and amassed a great range of projects under our belt. We hope to continue working on more and more of these high profile projects over the next 30 years!

If you’re interested in our metal casting work, we suggest you browse through our website where you’ll find a whole host of fantastic projects and products and if you want us to work on your very own project then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0151 486 2821, we’d love to hear from you!

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