Metal Casting Liverpool

Metal Casting Liverpool

Metal casting is a specialist technique and one the team at Photocast our experts at. The metal casting process uses a mould with which we will then fill with liquid metal; with the mold contributing to the desired shape of the chosen object. This will then be left to cool and solidify (this is the casting part) and this process can be used to make complex shapes and patterns; hence why you need a specialist group such as Photocast. Now you have a general idea of how the process works you may begin to think about how metal casting Liverpool can work for you in implementing your ideas and allow them to take tangible shape.


Ok I’m interested,Tell me more…

Metal casting and it’s other various forms has been around for thousands of years and is common practice for constructing sculptures, jewellery and many other forms of metals; so we are not re-inventing the wheel but we are refining the metal casting processes whilst making it more accessible and readily available. We can help your home or business stand out from the crowd by making great first impressions with our metal casting Liverpool; from tailor made plaques more imposing models and statues. Whatever your remit and specification Photocast has got it covered.

We are aware that in our industry no two jobs are ever the same and we are geared up to work around your requirements due to our unique combination of technology, advanced methods and our unrivalled experience. We love a challenge at Photocast and enjoy making your ideas come alive; it really is our passion! Through our ARTcast process we can really bring your memories to life by creating metal cast of any photographic image that you may have. Could you imagine having some of your most beloved pictures being brought to life to create a story in your home? We know that it sounds pretty cool and that’s exactly what it is!


Why choose Photocast for your metal casting projects?

It’s often said that to be the best at what you do you have to believe that you are the best and at Photocast we don’t just believe it; we know it. Many businesses claim to be the best at what they do without offering much proof to their pudding but we have been in business for more than a quarter of a century and continued to grow throughout so we must be doing something right. Take a look through our photo gallery and see if you agree with us!

I am sure you will find that we are:

  • Experts in metal casting Liverpool
  • Providing bespoke solutions
  • Passionate about your project
  • Happy to help


Want to know more?

Now that you’ve got a better of idea of what Photocast can do, get in touch if you would like to see how we can bring your ideas and memories to life.

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