Jack Potter Memorial Plaque on Seacombe Promenade, Wirral

seacombe promenade plaque

We were recently asked to create a plaque dedicated to Sergeant Jack Potter and his exploits during the battle of Dunkirk. His story has recently been revisited in BBC segments and as the inspiration for the scene in the 2017 film ‘Dunkirk’ where a Spitfire pilot landed his plane on water and gets help from a small boat for the soldiers stranded at the beach. Our memorial plaque details his experience and honours the brave actions he undertook on that day.

bronze jack memorial plaque

Jack’s ‘Day Out’ Memorial Plaque

We know how important it is to create memorial plaques for heroes like Jack, as remembrance is an important part of our society. The memorial plaque we created for Jack’s ‘day out’ at Dunkirk – as he calls it – tells the story of a Spitfire pilot who, after enduring a firefight with several ME 110 fighter-bomber planes on 1st June 1940, started to return home. After a series of complications with his oil cooler, however, his engine failed.

This forced him to land his plane in the water near a small boat, the Jolie Mascotte, and after almost being pulled underwater by his parachute, he managed to reach the boat which was filled with French sailors. He led these sailors back to Dunkirk where they contacted a British Destroyer (the Basilisk) that had been bombed and was filled with troops.

After making plans to begin pulling the destroyer out to open sea to avoid bombers, they came under fire from enemy aircraft who released bombs and machine-gun fire causing the destroyer to begin to sink and an abandon ship order to be placed. Jack and the crew of the Jolie Mascotte returned to the destroyer and collected around 200 survivors.

Heading homewards once more, Jack and the crew then ran into a second friendly destroyer and informed them of the remaining survivors on the initial destroyer, before continuing their journey home to Dover where they safely dropped the troops.

Jack was later shot down again on 15 September 1940 and was captured by German soldiers and kept as a Prisoner of War until his release in April 1945.

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Bronze Plaques – Perfect For Remembrance

Creating Jack’s bronze plaque was an honour as we know how important it is to not only ensure that you’re creating lasting memories of your loved ones, but we also want to be able to remember local heroes in our community. With Jack’s father working for Mersey Ferries and Jack growing up in Park Road, Wallasey, there is a real connection between him and Wirral, which is why it was chosen for his memorial plaque to be situated at Seacombe Promenade.

If you have a loved one that you believe deserves to be memorialised with one of our amazing bronze plaques, then get in touch with a member of our team by calling 0151 486 2821 where we can discuss the process of creating a memorial plaque.

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