Interpretation Panels

Interpretation Panels

With an increasing interest in our nation’s history and heritage emerging over the years, we’ve noticed the need to identify and explain important places of interest. This can be such a major part of tourism and public information, and creating interpretation panels can be the perfect ways to display this kind of information.

Here at Photocast we produce a range of interpretation panels that can help to identify important areas of land. With our selection of interpretation panels you can easily choose the perfect design to suit your specific location, choosing from:

Etched Zinc

Photocast’s deep etch system allows you to create the most complex graphics to be etched into the zinc without an undercut. This gives interpretation panel designers a creative way of making a cast without any restrictions.

Cast Bronze

We can also use our etching process for our cast bronze panels, as well as CNC cutting which precisely cuts designs you request. We put this together with elements of hand sculpture to help us to create beautiful bronze panels that will be able to last for centuries.

PC Printed Panels

We can print high-resolution digital artwork directly onto 3mm aluminium substrate, which will then be followed with the panels being sealed with duoguard. Duoguard is a colourless, heat cured and hardened coating that protects the panel against environmental damage while still managing to keep the same level clarity of colour.

Here at Photocast we can understand the specialist design and manufacturing requirements that are requested to create the perfect interpretation panel on the correct substrate for any environment.

  • Embank Toll Cast
  • C Wren
  • Cast Ali Lectern
  • Chester Wall
  • Eric Clapton
  • Gaelic Bronze
  • Harrods Close
  • Birdlife in the Mersey Estuary
  • Rom Gardens
  • St George Dragon
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