The Importance of Braille Signs & Tactile Signs

braille and tactile signs

Signage is used to inform the public, whether that be for direction, points of interest, or locations. Signs can be beautifully displayed using a range of materials such as bronze, brass, or aluminium and we believe signs should be accessible to everyone, and everyone should experience the craftsmanship of our plaques. The Disability Discriminations Act also states that information on buildings should be accessible to everyone. Braille signs and tactile signs are a great way of making signage information accessible to everyone, allowing the blind and visually impaired to make use of signs. Photocast have proudly created many braille and tactile signs in a range of materials.

What is Braille?   

Braille is a coding system that is used by blind and visually impaired people in all languages. It’s a tactile way of reading and writing and is particularly important for public places and buildings. In the absence of the ability to see and read written information, braille allows you read through touch. Braille opens the door to equal opportunity and independence by allowing those who are blind or visually impaired to take in often important information from plaques and signs.

How is Braille Created?   

braille signs

To represent the characters of the alphabet, symbols and punctuation, braille is formed into symbols that are made up of two columns and three dots which creates 256 unique combinations. Braille was invented by Louis Braille in the early 19th century and has since been a significant form of communication amongst the blind.

Braille Signs and Tactile Signs by Photocast

The experts at Photocast produce quality external and internal braille signs and tactile signs for a range of projects, including buildings and heritage sites. They are produced to a high standard using quality materials, meaning they’ll meet your needs and look great. Make sure your project is inclusive to everyone by having braille and tactile signage, give Photocast a call on 0151 486 2821 today.

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