How To Create The Perfect Interpretation Panels

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Creating the perfect interpretation panels for your public area is a giant task, and you need to be certain that you’re designing and producing the best quality signage possible. Here at Photocast we have plenty of experience in creating a wide range of signs and plaques, so we’re certain that we can make exactly what you’re looking for. If you need help understanding what the ideal interpretation panel should look like, follow our tips and you’re sure to succeed in your design.


Top tips for creating interpretation panels

There are several things that you should consider when creating your interpretation panels, as when you follow these tips you’re certain to create panels that will suit exactly what you need them for.


Understand their purpose

What are you creating the panel for? Is it to provide information about a certain area? Is it to describe an item, or maybe even an animal if your sign is going to be a placed in a zoo or other area with wild animals. You should know exactly what information this panel will be containing so that you can give this to the person creating your panel quickly – this will help with creating the design accurately and as attractively as possible.


Decide how it will look


creating interpretation panels


You have to make the decision early on for how you want your interpretation panel to look. Many panels have a similar design, with an image or engraving taking centre focus and the information surrounding the image in writing or tags. However you choose to make your panel look, make sure it’s including the most important things:

  • Important graphics – pictures, engravings etc.
  • Clear text – make sure the paragraphs aren’t too dense
  • Anything else you need – i.e. a map if you’re talking about a location


Make the information you’re including important

The information that you’re providing on this panel has to be worth stopping for, so really consider what you’re including. Many people will walk on by if the information doesn’t seem eye catching or important, so make sure that you keep it simple, informative and interesting.


Design and production

Deciding on how you want your interpretation panel to look early on is so important, as it helps your designer to create the perfect impression quickly. This can be so important for engraved plaques, as they need as much time as possible to create the perfect design for your interpretation panel. It’s also important to consider the production process, as you have to be certain that you’ll be happy not only with the design you’ve decided on, but also with the material your interpretation panel is created from. Choosing from PC printed panels, etched zinc or cast bronze panels depends entirely on the style and tone of the piece that you’re creating, so choose carefully.


Create your interpretation panel with us

With plenty of years of experience in creating attractive and informative interpretation panels, we’re certain that we can help you to design an item that you’re happy to present in your public area. If you’re interested in talking to a member of our team about designing an interpretation panel with us, then you should give us a call on 0151 486 2821.

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