How to Care For Your Cast Bronze Plaque

guide how to care for bronze plaques

Bronze is the perfect material for plaques as it has a naturally beautiful appearance and would usually not require much maintenance work as bronze ages gracefully and still retains its beautiful aesthetic for many years. Bronze is also weatherproof but as it ages it can gain a more rustic look which is a quality that many people admire as it gives the plaque character. However, if you prefer your bronze plaque to retain its pristine, shiny image, there are ways of caring for bronze without damaging or taking away the character of the plaque.

Here’s our guide on how to care for bronze plaques!


Removing grime and dust from the plaque

Outdoor plaques in particular have more of a habit of gathering dust and debris, which, if built up can take the shine off your bronze plaque. You should treat your bronze plaque delicately with a soft cloth or cotton pad to remove any grime or dust, and it’s important to clean deep into the crevices of the finer details of your plaque. Delicacy and a gentle touch are key when cleaning bronze plaques, so ensure you’re wearing gloves throughout the process to avoid oils coming into contact with the bronze and causing damage or discolouration.

Cleaning the plaque

Avoid using chemicals when cleaning bronze. Bronze is an alloy that primarily consists of copper with a small percentage made up of other metals such as tin and aluminium and should be treated delicately with non toxic solutions. There are many home remedies using natural products which remove dirt but are not harsh enough to discolour or ruin the natural character and appearance of bronze.

Polish and restore its shine

Bronze has a beautiful, striking and shiny appearance. To restore or maintain its shine you can use a thin layer of wax and buff and polish the plaque with a soft cloth and watch the bronze shine bright in no time.


Now you know how to care for bronze plaques, order yours!

It doesn’t take much for bronze to look beautiful which is why it’s the most preferred choice of material for our plaques and signs. We create bronze plaques for a range of projects whether it be for a memorial, commemoration, business, or event.

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