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photocast custom bronze plaques

We have such an amazing range of custom bronze plaques that we have worked on for our customers over the years. There are a variety of different ways that we create our bronze plaques that means you’ll be able to completely personalise your plaque to exactly your requirements every time.

Creating custom bronze plaques

We have three main ways that we create our custom bronze plaques, which gives you the chance to choose the perfect design for whatever you had in mind. You might have a variety of reasons for choosing your specific plaque design, including price, purpose, and longevity.

personalised metal plaque

One method we use to create our plaques is castcoat design. Castcoat is a metalizing system that involves using cold spray technology to apply a layer of real metal over our deep etched zinc and magnesium plates. This helps to give the look and feel of a solid cast bronze plaque without having to include the weight and expense that creating a complete bronze plaque would involve. Castcoat is a composite metal, not a metalized paint and is suitable to be used both indoors and externally.

Our ARTCAST process lets our production experts capture images in cast bronze, which helps to create photographic representations in our custom bronze plaques. We’re able to transform your photographs into a lifelike plaque that can be accompanied by descriptive text. Whether you’re looking for a historical interpretation or personal award or recognition, our design approach will not only help you to develop a unique work of art, you’ll also be left with a long lasting plaque that you can keep forever.

Our cast bronze memorial plaques are the typical choice for many of our clients, as it is the metal of choice for many classic memorial plaques. Bronze and aluminium plaques are known for having the potential to last hundreds of years, and since we create our deep etchings into high-grade magnesium sheets before applying bronze, we know that we can create the ideal bronze plaque for you.

Bronze plaques from Photocast

Our history of work creating quality custom bronze plaques means that we’re a top choice if you’re looking for the perfect team to create your memorial and interpretation plaques. If you’re interested in learning more about our work, you can speak to a member of our team by calling 0151 486 2821.

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