Custom plaque designers and manufacturers in Liverpool

Custom plaque designers and manufacturers in Liverpoo

Custom plaque designers and manufacturers in Liverpool

When to hire a custom plaque makers

Custom plaque makers like ourselves get some weird and wonderful requests. It isn’t just city councils and societies that seek our services. Everyone from private individuals to large corporations get in touch to commission commemorative signs that will stand the test of time. Here we’ll tell you about a few different uses for custom plaques, to provide you with some inspiration. If you need a custom plaque maker yourself, for one of these reasons for a completely different idea that we’ve never thought of, do get in touch.

Marking an historical site

Perhaps the use for custom brass and aluminium plaques that people most readily think of is for the marking of historical sites. As you may know, the London Blue Plaque Scheme has used this methods for centuries, to mark the sites of famous births and events. Of course the site doesn’t need to have historical significance to everyone in order to be marked.

Anyone can commission custom plaque makers like Photocast to produce a plaque on their behalf. As long as you have permission to erect a plaque in a particular location, contact us if you would like to tell the world what happened there.

In memoriam

What better tribute to a loved one than to commission a custom plaque in their honour? Whether it’s to affix to a bench in their favourite natural spot or to mark remember them in some other significant location, a metal plaque is the most fitting tribute because it will stand up to the elements better than any other material, so you know that your loved one will be remembered for a long time to come. Using special technology we can even replicate any photograph you give us, right there on the metal.

Braille signage

Bronze and aluminium signage is, by its nature, tactile. As such it is the perfect choice when creating Braille signs. If yours is a public building or you simply wish your information to be as acceptable as possible, commissioning custom plaque makers like us is the best way to create a truly bespoke commemorative plaque that everyone can read.

Professional branding

Professional services firms can stand out from the competition by choosing bronze, rather than a plastic alternative, for their office plaque. With our ability to use any colour and any image, we can replicate just about any logo on a tactile, hard wearing sign with a distinct air of gravitas.

Unique artwork

When you want to combine signage with striking artwork a custom metal plaque could be the way to go. Our methods allow us to translate even the most intricate of photographs into metal. If you wish to commemorate an event, a group of people or anything else that you would like people to be able to see and read about, if it needs to stand outdoors and brave the elements then it can be done to great effect with a bronze or aluminium plaque.

What would you use a custom plaque for? Please get in touch with your ideas.

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