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Custom engraved plaques Photocast

Here at Photocast we are renowned for our production of high quality custom engraved plaques. Cast is either bronze or aluminium, engraved plaques are a highly durable, customisable signage solution with gravitas. Plastic free, they are made from metals of the earth, so kinder to the environment than many alternatives. They last for literally hundreds of years, untouched by time and weather, making them perfect for many outdoor uses.

So, how do people use custom engraved plaques? Well, the look and feel of these signs, along with the fact that they are widely used by the likes of The National Trust and other heritage organisations here in the UK, give them a sense of solemnity that people instantly recognise. This makes them the obvious choice for commemoration of individuals and events. However, they have a broad scope of uses and we will outline a few of them here.

Commemoration of people and events

commemorative engraved plaques

Whether it’s a custom engraved plaque affixed to a park bench in remembrance of a loved one, or a plaque on an historical building to mark a significant event, commemoration is perhaps the most widely recognised use of bronze and aluminium plaques.

Blue plaques are very widely used all over the world to mark buildings of historical significance and people use their association with this to great effect, when marking other sites and remembering people. Due to the nature of our methods, we can cast almost anything into metal, meaning that custom engraved plaques can include pictures of people, as well as information and other imagery.


branded plaques Photocast

Most traditionally used by the professional services, an engraved metal plaque on the door or wall of an office building makes a statement about your company’s brand. It carries prestige, longevity and looks fantastic. We’re able to use colour on our custom engraved plaques, so we can ensure that they are in-keeping with signage used elsewhere. In addition to the traditional markets for bronze branded signs, the increasing focus on minimising use of plastics has led a new wave of eco-conscious companies to seek our services.

Maps and place information

engraved maps Photocast

The tactile nature of custom engraved plaques makes them the ideal way to depict maps. Not only can they include words and pictures but we can also build in a topographical element, as well as braille, for accessibility. Affixed in places where they can be easily reached, these signs become engaging and accessible for all. They are a great solution for city streets, as well as for hiking trails and walking tours.

Signage in unusual places

personalised bronze plaques Photocast

Do you need a map affixed to a rock in the middle of nowhere and want it to look natural? How about a sign on a busy street that can be walked on by thousands of people every day, without showing signs of wear and tear? For these uses and more, bronze is your go-to material. Incredibly flexible, in terms of design, a bronze sign can be affixed almost anywhere and will withstand the test of time better than almost any other signage you could use.

Accessible information

braille signage Photocast

Last but not least, anytime you need to convey accessible information using braille, there is no better way than a tactile bronze or aluminium engraved plaque.

Custom engraved plaques by Photocast

Custom engraved plaques are the perfect addition to any premises for any type of use. To create your own bronze plaque get in touch with Photocast, the leading plaque manufacturers in Liverpool by calling 0151 486 2821. We’re able to create all types of engraved plaques that are bespoke to your project.

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