What a Prestigious Bronze Plaque Can Do For Your Brand

Custom bronze plaques by Photocast

Bronze plaques have so many uses, including for memorial purposes, commemorating an event, as a gift for a loved one, and to give the public some information. Custom bronze plaques can also do wonders for your business and brand. They not only serve a purpose on your business premises in terms of informing and navigating, they also have a beautiful appearance and are the perfect finishing touch to the exterior or interior of your building.


Identify and inform

Plaques and signs are a key way of passing information to your customers and the public. They can be used to identify your brand or sign a department in your building and may display details such as your business name, founding date, and motto.

The addition of bronze signage can make your business appear official and distinguished, which is never a bad thing when you’re trying to win customers. Your brand is sure to stand out amongst the rest with a beautiful custom bronze plaque than can be created exactly to how you like.


Marketing your brand with plaques and signs

You may not realise but a creative signage can be a great selling point in your business. At Photocast we can create plaques in a range of colours and detailing. We can use the colour of your brand and even print your brand’s logo using etching which allows us to create greater detail and dimension. A bold, creative sign is a simple way of marketing your brand and ensures that your business premises stands out. Signs are a clear call to action and provide access to your services.


Professional and prestigious appearance

Business plaques and signs

A sleek, prestigious bronze sign at the entrance of your business can take your company from mediocre to a professional business that is at the top of its industry. A shiny, new bronze plaque will immediately clean up the exterior of a building and its stunning appearance is sure to catch the eye of potential customers passing by.

Making your company as professional as possible is important to gaining trust and a loyal customer following. A prestigious and elegant bronze plaque is an effective and affordable way of achieving this.


Why install Photocast custom bronze plaques in your building?

Now that you know why installing bronze signs and plaques are important for your brand, here’s why you should choose Photocast to craft your brand signage. Photocast have been creating custom bronze plaques for over 30 years and have the expertise and resources to design and craft a range of plaques and signage such as notice boards, blue plaques, dedications and interpretation panels. We also use a range of techniques and materials such as braille and tactile, castcoat and bronze and aluminium.

Our ability to personalise and create specific detailing that reflects your brand is what makes Photocast stand out from the rest. The plaques we create are unique and bespoke to you, so simply let us know your requirements and we’ll create something that reflects this as closely as possible. Give our craftsman a call today on 0151 486 2821 to begin designing your stunning custom bronze plaques.


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