The Best Way to Commemorate a Loved One: Memorial Plaques

photocast memorial plaques

Finding the right words to show your love for somebody who is deceased, and commemorating them in an honourable way, can be difficult. Memorial plaques are a unique method of expressing your love for the deceased in a sensitive and special way. Memorial plaques can be created in a variety of long lasting durable materials so your dedication and love is everlasting and they can be mounted to buildings (or any other surface for that matter). Take a look at our range of memorial plaques that are perfect for dedications.

Castcoat Memorial Plaques

As seen in the image above, castcoat has an elegant, luxurious appearance but at a lower cost, so no matter what your budget you can honour your loved one. To create the castcoat plaque we use cold spray technology to apply real metal over deep etched zinc and magnesium. This method gives the appearance of a solid and expensive cast bronze plaque but without the expensive price tag or significant weight. We can personalise all of our memorial plaques so that your loved ones face and name can be adorned in beautiful cast bronze.

Bronze and Aluminium Memorial Plaques

bronze and aluminium memorial plaques

The way in which our memorial plaques are designed and crafted ensure that all eyes are on your dedication and the person you’re commemorating. Bronze and aluminium are striking materials and are great for making your commemoration stand out. You can use any colour of your choice to really personalise your memorial plaque.

Cast bronze is a classic material for memorial plaques as it’s durable, long lasting and ages beautifully so that your dedication is permanent. We create bronze and aluminium memorial plaques using deep etching which achieves greater detail, meaning great resemblance to your loved one.

Blue Plaques and Dedications

blue plaques liverpool

For those special people who made an impact on other people’s lives or achieved great things, blue plaques are a great way of commemorating. The London Blue Plaques Scheme has been established for over 140 years and has commemorated many special people across the country. We have been part of this scheme through our creation of blue plaques.

We can create personalised memorial plaques in the form of blue plaques and dedications. If you have a particular colour that represents your loved one we can incorporate this into the design.

Honour Your Loved One with Photocast Products

We understand that everybody is unique and there will be particular ways that you would like to remember and commemorate them. That is why we specialise in personalised memorial plaques. Our long lasting, elegant materials will ensure your loved one is honoured in a special way. If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with our friendly and professional team by calling us on 0151 486 2821. We’d love to hear from you!

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