Bronze and Aluminium Plaques

aluminium and bronze plaques

Bronze and Aluminium Plaques

Cast bronze has been identified for a long time as the perfect metal of choice for classic memorial plaques and identification plaques. Bronze plaques and aluminium plaques have been noted to have the potential to last over hundreds of years, but you won’t have to worry about degradation – they definitely age with grace.

Aluminium casting can help to provide a durable but less expensive way of providing a permanent memorial for whatever person or event you’re commemorating. Aluminium memorial plaques can be finished in any colour or simply polished and aged, so you’ll be receiving exactly the design that you’re dreaming of. Bronze is the perfect material for anyone interested in creating durable and eye catching permanent floor plaques.

Here at Photocast we use deep etching to create patterns with a far greater level of detail than traditional pattern making. With a good design and suitable reference material we’ll be able to add a third dimension to any shape, which can help to create a reliable likeness which can massively help to properly commemorate your favourite loved one. Our aluminium and bronze plaques will cost less than you might think and will last for lifetimes, so their real value is incomparable.

  • Ali Roundel
  • Bronze Lettering Omega
  • Field Trust
  • Foot Art
  • Hibernial Plaque
  • Newgate Street
  • Peter Bath
  • Pooh on Wall
  • Rigg
  • Welsh Bronze
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