The ARTcast process allows our production experts to capture almost any image in cast bronze, which can help to create photographic representations in all of our beautiful custom bronze plaques. The process begins with a physical ‘original’ that can be made from almost any material – including clay, plasticine, wood, plaster or wax – which then has a rubber mould created around it. From the rubber mould a wax duplicate is created, which is then fixed with wax bars to make up the sprueing system.

The sprued wax duplicate is then coated repeatedly with a ceramic slurry that helps to build a thick outer shell. The ceramic shell is then heated using steam to melt the wax, and is then cured in a furnace and preheated in preparation for the casting. Molten metal is poured over the ceramic shell, and once the shell has cooled it is chipped off and the sprue system is removed. All points where the sprue system was attached are ground down, so that the finished piece can be polished, or prepared for plating.

ARTcast’s artistic team are more than capable of transforming your photograph into a story-telling montage and accompanied by text, and can produce a vividly clear plaque. We can help to create whatever you need, from historical interpretations, memorials, award trophies, personal tributes or team recognition, our design approach can help to develop and provide you with a work of art with can capture the permanent, tactile nature striking beauty of cast bronze.

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